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Image by Yerko Lucic

Trekking per tutti i gusti!

Immerse yourself in nature and discover all the hiking routes for experts and families. Monte Grappa is full of possibilities.

The Meatte path from Valle San Liberale


For our more sporty guests we propose an excursion to discover the Sentiero delle Meatte from Valle San Liberale, rich in history and fantastic views of the Venetian plain.


For the "hiking tips" section we propose the Sentiero delle Meatte starting from Valle San Liberale. This is a route that will allow you to immerse yourself in the history of the Great War of our Monte Grappa.

The valley is just over 10 minutes by car from our structure but for the more adventurous you can also reach it on foot, however it lengthens the overall route. The route is more than 9km long and is an itinerary for experts and in fact, good training is required to complete it without difficulty.

Here you can find the route and all the useful information for your adventure.

Excursion between Cassanego and Borso del Grappa 🐝


For our guests eager to get to know our Venetian foothills, we propose an excursion starting and arriving from our Beehouse Agriturismo which will allow you to discover the areas of Borso and Cassanego.

The best way to discover our wonderful territory

Escursione Cassanego.png
Escursione Borso Cassanego.png

This is an excursion suitable for everyone with a travel time of around 2 hours and a difference in altitude of less than 200 m. The route can be "lightened" by moving the starting point to the church of Borso del Grappa or by limiting the walk along the panoramic road in Cassanego, starting from the small church of Cassanego.

Here you can find the route and all the useful information for your adventure.

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