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wellness from the world of bees

We offer our guests a fantastic experience of the senses from the world of bees: a  momento of relaxation within our Beewellness between sounds and scents of the hive.

The Beewellness is a wooden house connected in total safety with 6 hives; this allows to saturate the inside of the Beewellness with the air coming from the hives rich in scents of honey, wax and propolis. Also inside the Beewellness comfortably lying down, it is possible to see the bees and listen to their hum which is considered one of the important natural sounds to be able to relax. 

The experience we offer has its own seasonality (from April to October) and the aromas as well as their intensity can vary depending on the time of year, the time of day and the climatic conditions.

It is not us who decide, but the bees!

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Live a moment of well-being with us!

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Improve your well-being with shiatsu treatment

Inside the Beewellness you will have the opportunity not only to immerse yourself in the world of bees, but also to combine apitherapy with a shiatsu treatment to regain mental balance e body.
Thanks to the stimulation of different parts of the body through acupressure, stretching, manipulations, shiatsu generates both physical and psychological benefits against stress, anxiety, insomnia...
Professional operators will offer you the most suitable treatment for your needs: face, cupping, craniosacral,back, abdomen, decontracting......

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You choose when to dedicate yourself to your well-being

We are waiting for you on Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning from  10.00 to 13.00.
You can choose for apitherapy alone or for apitherapy combined with shiatsu treatment!
And for romantics we offer an evening dedicated to well-being from nature.
We are waiting for you on Friday from 18.30 to 20.30.

Contact us through our social channels facebook and instagram or call us on +39 330 296988 or fill out the form.

Book your relaxation time!!

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Seleziona un'opzione
Seleziona un'opzione
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